Natural Fieldstone

Natural Fieldstone comes in a variety of thicknesses such as thin/regular/heavy.  From waterfall stone and dive rocks to sized landings and steps to fit your specific job.  Size Range: From 2’ x 3’ steps to large 4’ x 6’ landings. (Irregularity of steps and landings will vary unless specified or cut to size.)  Natural fieldstone is most commonly used as wall stone and comes in sizes Regular (1” – 5” stones), Thin (up to 2”), and Heavy wall (5” and up).  Fieldstone is a blend of gray, blue, and brown with moss and liken throughout. Quarry coloring is similar to pattern/irregular.

Natural Cleft Irregular Flagging

Bluestone with 90% natural edges that vary in size and thickness from 1/2″ up to 4″+/-.  Found in varying colors blue, gray, green, brown, and lilac with variations throughout.  This natural-edged bluestone material lends itself to a variety of uses such as patios, walkways, pool decking, interior flooring, and veneer.



Veneer – covering for vertical walls such as fireplaces, walls, columns varying in thickness according to customers needs.
Columns are typically created using special cut veneer, thin stone veneer, fieldstone veneer.

Specialty Products

Bluestone Specialized Looks:
Thermaled or Flamed – Thermaled bluestone is cut like a loaf of bread ensuring that each piece is the same thickness. The sawing process requires a second step of thermaling or applying a flame to the surface. This ensures that the stones have a non-slip, consistent surface.
Sawn – Sawn bluestone is cut from enormous blocks of bluestone – sawn into slabs for steps and have thermaled or flamed edges
Honed – is a basalt product that once sawn, is then buffed with a honing machine to create quite a smooth non-pourous surface.

Edges Styles: